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meet Erin
​I live in small-town central Iowa with my husband, our dog, and our cat. Quite the crew we are!


I can't begin to remember when I picked up a camera for the first time. I have always been fascinated with history such as authentic historic photographs, trinkets, etc. So, I can safely say that has sparked my passion for photography. All things vintage, old west, and full of history - I'm there. 

I love connecting with people past, present, and future from couples to families. I do specialize in weddings, but my branches are constantly budding new. I am always down for some crazy ideas and places, I encourage you to push my limits. 

My style is natural with bold colors and warm feels, so you're in the right place if this speaks to you. From wedding days to branding sessions, I can't wait to create more memories and connect with more people.

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Available Wherever

While home is here in central Iowa, I have a heart for travel that has and will take me places I love to be or have never been.

I have love to travel west to Montana, Wyoming, Colorado. Something about the mountains fills my soul. I will always take the opportunity to travel to you! No place is too far. I have been south, west, and a little east. My bucket list is pretty crazy but I do have a few locations I crave to return to and a few I have never been. If you see a location on my bucket list you want to travel to, call me asap. See you soon!

Bucket List
Glacier National Park
Arches National Park
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