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1:1 Model Photoshoot

  • choice of session: individual (senior), family, maternity

  • 2 hours of shooting

  • post-session discussion

  • how to enforce client style and prep

  • camera setting and shooting style

  • client interaction

  • session flow and etiquette

  • posing and positioning

  • how to find your style

  • post-session 45 min. editing via zoom or table

  • navigating lighting situations

Business Suite

  • 2-3 hour discussion

  • how to price your business

  • taxes

  • preparing and understanding hidden costs

  • insurance

  • social media

  • customer service

  • business structure and management

  • portfolio

  • website SEO

  • client experience and more!

$ 350

$ 450

this is for you IF -


you are struggling to book clients YOU want


you are nervous before shoots


you feel awkward/freeze in the moment


you want better session flow and client experience


 you want to feel in control of your sessions and styling your clients

this is for you IF -


you are struggling with business management


you don't understand some aspects of your business 


you want to understand how to take advantage of write offs, & all things taxes


you want to feel confident talking to clients about photo management


feel unsure in any way in more than one aspect of your business

Wanting the Best of Both Worlds?

Feeling like you need a full makeover and/or both suites are calling to you? That is so awesome and it sounds like you may be interested in a custom-built experience! We will work together to create a learning and hands-on experience for you. This is something that can span over all topics for a day, a week, or months, tailored to you to go as in-depth as you need it. Because there is such a large map to these topics and the idea that it is a choose-your-own-path plan. This experience is based on a per-hour rate of $150/hr. Before we dive in together, we will make sure your plan is mapped out and you are aware of a final price estimate. Of course, payment plans are available and I can also work with you if you have a budget in mind to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Not Quite Ready to Dive In?

  • Bring your camera and tag along to a session with me for free

  • Looking into weddings? Join me on a wedding day to gain experience and learn how I flow on my busiest days. Although this would be without your camera, this can be extremely beneficial and it's how I got started! 

  • Speaking of weddings, inquire about becoming a second shooter for me. This is a paid position in that you use your own equipment to take photos for me. 

Western Portrait Workshop


McKinley Rayne Photography and I co-hosted a sold-out Western Portrait Workshop on July 23-25th in Paradise Valley, Montana. We hosted 8 photographers from 3 different states. During the workshop, attendees got to photograph 4 style shoots featuring multiple vendors and models. Erin and I also hosted workshopping seminars to dive deeper into all things photography. We also welcomed guest speaker, Alyssa Scholz with Sweet Briar Creative, to share the importance of videography in the photography industry, how to use it to the advantage of one's business, and how to be confident in owning a business. Overall, our first workshop was a success and we look forward to hosting other educational events in the future.

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